Godly Time Management

Week 5 in my self-reliance class began with a study of time management. When we went over the topic last Sunday, I was jazzed. I have been looking for a better way to organize my life, be more productive, and feel like I was doing those things in a way that pleased the Lord. Sunday evening, there it was — in print right in front of me!

I felt like the secrets of the universe had just opened up to me!

So, how did my week go? I spent Sunday night in the hospital and Monday trying to recover after a weekend of tending to Mom. (My brother and I split the shifts, and I volunteered for the bulk of the weekend and nights.) I spent Tuesday at the hospital again — until I had to leave for work. Wednesday, I was the person on call to get Mom home from the hospital. They released her by about 10 a.m. After I got her settled back in at her house, I had barely enough time to do the weekly grocery shopping before I had to go to work. My brother, who lives next door to Mom, took over for the rest of the week. I crashed and got very little done Thursday and Friday.

So much for time management, right?

Maybe not.

Let’s look at what I really did:

  1. I prayed every morning as I set my goals.
  2. I put family first because I have a strong testimony that families are eternal and require more attention than things that will only last in mortality.
  3. As I slid further from my personal goals and expectations each day, I looked for the positive and expressed gratitude for simple things — like still having my mom with me and having had life work out to where I could take the time to be with her and help ease the burden that is largely shouldered by my brother.
  4. I accepted that taking care of my own physical and mental health can preempt my original plans. I have already been in a situation where my health was declining, and it wasn’t worth the temporal things I was seeking.
  5. I “checked in” with Heavenly Father each night and found that He approved of my efforts. I have also found small ways in which I can improve and make peace with life as is really is and really will be.

So, what are my plans for this week? To set my goals, seek the Lord’s guidance, and take life as it comes with as much grace as I can with the help of the Holy Ghost.


What are your experiences with time management and trying to be more productive? What gospel helps have you found? Share in the comments!

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