Pleasure and Joy

My self-reliance class is on a two-week break. I am grateful to be able to post from my heart this week.


From time to time I encounter or hear of people who have misconceptions about the church. People who are honest, faithful, good members of the church. One of the areas of misconceptions is the idea of joy.

There is a big difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is enjoyed during the moment. It comes and goes with what is going on around us. Pleasure is perceived as we experience sensations that we like. Pleasure comes as goes — sometimes minute by minute.

If we mistake the sensation of pleasure for joy, we can feel robbed of the promises of the gospel. When hard times come, we feel cheated and picked on. We wonder what we’ve done to deserve to be punished.


Joy is much different. Joy sees beyond the moment. Joy understands that the journey isn’t over. Joy sees the strength that comes to us when we valiantly face our trials. Joy sees where we are going — even if we face a metaphorical flooded river or landslide. Joy focuses on the totality of our lives.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published two awesome articles on the topic:


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