I have divorced, raised three children, and remarried. I teach music in a local public school system. I struggle to overcome personal issues and bad habits as I do my best to live the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. I am a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Lianhona, Faith, and Expectations

I’ve started taking one of the church’s self-reliance classes. I’m finding it incredibly challenging. In the middle of all the other things that I’m doing, I’m struggling to pass the […]

I Thought that Wound Had Healed

Sometimes, life just catches us off-guard and blindsides us with the unexpected. It doesn’t even have to be a big event if it hits the right spot — like an […]

The Feast is on the Table

Feasting is something mentioned a lot in the scriptures. In the Old Testament of the Bible, feasts were celebrations of miracles performed on behalf of the people or solemn occasions […]

Do I Want Admonition?

It seems silly now, but I have gone most of my life not understanding the definition of the word admonition. About a month ago, I decided to do a scripture […]

Gifts for Christ

I grew up in different Christian churches, and it seemed that each year we were encouraged to give gifts to Christ for Christmas. I’m definitely not presenting a new idea […]

Gratitude, Healing, and Repentance

As Thanksgiving came and went, I ran across the normal increase of internet postings about gratitude, and I heard again that grateful people are happier, more content, etc. This time, […]