Gifts for Christ

I grew up in different Christian churches, and it seemed that each year we were encouraged to give gifts to Christ for Christmas. I’m definitely not presenting a new idea […]

Gratitude, Healing, and Repentance

As Thanksgiving came and went, I ran across the normal increase of internet postings about gratitude, and I heard again that grateful people are happier, more content, etc. This time, […]

We Get Used to the Goodness

As we approach Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I want to focus on an element of human nature and how it relates to everyday gratitude. To me, that spirit […]

Jesus Christ, Son of God

Strangely, as I started to type this post, I began to doubt my ability to express myself! Over the past five years, I have written hundreds of posts: some pretty […]

Jesus Christ, Son of Mary

I will not pretend that I fully understand how Mary conceived our Savior and provided him with a mortal body that could be subject to death. I consider it a […]

Jesus Christ: Giver of All Good Gifts

As America prepares to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I think it’s only appropriate to stop and consider where all of our blessings come from. I know that there are circumstances […]

Independence Day 2016

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I have another blog. There is a great post over there about the duties of a patriot. I would love constructive comments […]

Father's Day

I’ll admit it: I’ve started keeping two blogs. This one is where I post my spiritual thoughts and such. The other one is more “everyday.” I’ve already written about how […]

As I tend to do for holidays, I have collected videos that I hope will bring the spirit of Christ to you and help you feel closer to the Savior. […]