I Thought that Wound Had Healed

Sometimes, life just catches us off-guard and blindsides us with the unexpected. It doesn’t even have to be a big event if it hits the right spot — like an […]

Gratitude, Healing, and Repentance

As Thanksgiving came and went, I ran across the normal increase of internet postings about gratitude, and I heard again that grateful people are happier, more content, etc. This time, […]

What Are You Afraid of?

I was reading one of President Uchtdorf’s talks from the April 2017 general conference. As I read, a profound perspective change opened up a brand new idea to me. I […]

From time-to-time, I take a break from writing. For me, this weekend is doubly special: We are holding general conference and being instructed by latter-day prophets and apostles, and It’s […]

Robbing Justice, Robbing Mercy

Robbing Justice There is a fairly famous scripture from the Book of Mormon that tells us that “mercy cannot rob justice.” (See Alma 42.) Alma was instructing his son on some […]

The Adam and Eve Debate

I think this is one of the parts of studying the Old Testament in Sunday school that I enjoy the most. The Sunday we go over Adam and Eve in […]