Because I've Followed Christ

A few times in my life I’ve had people suggest that maybe my religion isn’t really working for me or that I’m putting extraordinary amounts of time and effort into […]

Keeping It Simple

I like how Elder Ballard, in his talk “Return and Receive,” makes the distinction between goals and plans, and I also appreciate how he makes the point that when goals […]

Abundance and Need

A couple of months ago, I decided to change how I read the scriptures. For years, I have plowed through the standard works chapter by chapter. After reading some talks […]

Open Windows

  My attention lately has been drawn to the metaphor of an open window. It has a lot to do with the book podcast that I was enjoying about a […]

The Law of Abundance

Last weekend I learned that I’m not even on the fringes of the Mormon “blogosphere.” In all honesty, I find it kind of entertaining to know. I also learned that […]

Another Week of Gratitude

I’m keeping things short and simple this week. I’ve looked back through my gratitude journal, and I’m highlighting things that are important to me.   I am grateful for the […]

Obedience Brings Answers

I’m not even going to apologize this week. It’s obvious that my todo list and schedule need an overhaul. Instead, I’m going to be grateful for the delay, because I […]