The Lianhona, Faith, and Expectations

I’ve started taking one of the church’s self-reliance classes. I’m finding it incredibly challenging. In the middle of all the other things that I’m doing, I’m struggling to pass the […]

Revisiting Mother's Day

I’m posting late again. I think spring may be the busiest season of my year. Without my fiance, I couldn’t keep up with the yard and the garden this year. […]

Hating Mother's Day

Fine! I’ll admit it! I HATE Mother’s Day! I would be first in line to vote for taking it completely out of the calendar and forgetting we ever had one! […]

Anticipating Thanksgiving

Preparing for Thanksgiving has been difficult for me this year.  I think it’s the stress that I have found myself facing — things that I don’t like that affect my […]

Now that the Election is Over

In some ways, I feel like the entire citizenry of the United States of America breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday morning.  Maybe the leaders we wanted didn’t get elected, […]

By now, you have probably noticed that I love reading.   You may have also noticed that the thoughts and testimonies that can be found on Meridian Magazine are some […]