Hating Mother's Day

Fine! I’ll admit it! I HATE Mother’s Day! I would be first in line to vote for taking it completely out of the calendar and forgetting we ever had one! […]

My firstborn turns 18 in a few weeks.  Something about that fact has caused me to become very reflective in my quiet moments.  Because my life didn’t turn out the […]

Anticipating Thanksgiving

Preparing for Thanksgiving has been difficult for me this year.  I think it’s the stress that I have found myself facing — things that I don’t like that affect my […]

Reflecting on Parenthood

The past couple of weeks have been a bit difficult. My mom had a serious medical emergency (she is fine now), and that brought out a lot of old family […]

The "Homeville Homestead"

I coined the phrase “Homeville Homestead” not long after I moved into my home.  It came after about eight years of living in a small apartment with my three children […]