Jesus Christ: Forgiveness

I have learned that sometimes repentance feels like an ugly, harsh word. It seems to imply harsh condemnation and excessive punishment from a God who takes delight in making sure […]

The Lord Judge Between Me and Thee

This concept, found in latter-day scripture, has been problematic for me. In theory, I wholeheartedly support the concept, but practicing it has been another issue. Many, many times, I have […]

Living Compassionately

One of my goals lately has become to truly live compassionately, living so that it is a truly authentic piece of who I am — all of the time. I’ve […]

Can You Do It for Christ?

I have come to a place In my life where I am having to (slowly and a bit grudgingly) admit that, while there are many things that I have forgiven […]

Repentance: Hurt and Healing

In October 2014, Elder David A. Bednar of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told a story about his boys when they were young. The point of his […]