Maybe God Knows Something

It may just be one of the biggest struggles in my life, and I suspect that it’s a huge struggle for a lot of people — letting go and stepping […]

I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be a delicate confession that I end up defending at work, so please keep reading all the way to the end! You see, […]

The Power of Hope

                I have been struggling for about six weeks with things in the present that have brought back up shadows of my past. […]

When Bigger Isn't Better

It must be part of the changes that happened during the Fall in the Garden of Eden, but it seems that humans are born with a desire to be recognized […]

"No Less Serviceable"

As I was pulling up resources for this post, I realized that my brain had put things together and remembered the scriptures incorrectly. I had always thought that the phrase […]

UPDATE: Since I first wrote out and edited the post, things have changed again.  All of my visitation with my daughters has been cancelled.  No it’s not exactly legal, and […]