Jesus Christ

"Putting Away Jesus"

Near the Christmas holiday, I heard a mother relate a story on the radio. At the end of one Christmas season, she was packing up the nativity set and her […]

Jesus Christ, Son of Mary

I will not pretend that I fully understand how Mary conceived our Savior and provided him with a mortal body that could be subject to death. I consider it a […]

Jesus Christ: Healer

I think one of the qualities I think about most when I think of my Savior is that he is a Healer. His greatest desire is that you, I, and […]

Jesus Christ: Giver of All Good Gifts

As America prepares to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I think it’s only appropriate to stop and consider where all of our blessings come from. I know that there are circumstances […]

Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace

I just finished typing an entry on my other blog about my personal feelings about the elections in America that will soon be over. I’m going to touch on the […]

Jesus Christ: Teacher

 After thinking about it a little bit, I’ve decided that I’d like to start this post series by looking at some of the titles used to refer to Jesus and […]