Godly Time Management

Week 5 in my self-reliance class began with a study of time management. When we went over the topic last Sunday, I was jazzed. I have been looking for a […]

News, Dreams, and Parables

News This is “Chris the Sheep,” who made international news this week after being discovered by a hiker in Australia. He had been separated from his flock, and guessers say […]

Long, Draining Lessons

One of the basic ideas taught in the LDS church is that mortal life exists because there are lessons that can only be fully learned by experience. To me, this […]

Random Thoughts and Musings

Happy Labor Day weekend (in the U.S., that is)! Many of my friends and neighbors are taking the weekend to get out of town and have a short vacation. I’m […]

Why have Goals?

In the past year, I have run across two opposing ideas about goals. One is that goals are pretty pointless, because life just keeps getting in the way. The other […]

Hating Mother's Day

Fine! I’ll admit it! I HATE Mother’s Day! I would be first in line to vote for taking it completely out of the calendar and forgetting we ever had one! […]