Todo Lists

  I have to admit that there are times when I wonder if I am a “good enough” Mormon.  For instance, in the most recent general women’s meeting of our […]

Personal Music Choices

Church leaders have often spoken about the need to have uplifting music in our homes. I have made the switch away from popular radio. As a musician, I really missed […]

Call it what you want, I am simply posting music videos this time.  I have such deep feelings for my Savior, that I find it almost impossible to write them. […]

1. Said Samuel, “Within five years A night will be as day, And Baby Jesus will be born In a land far, far away.” Hosanna! Hosanna! Oh, let us gladly […]

I knew days ago that I didn’t have a post ready for this week, but I was busy with other things and didn’t get anything significant written.  Meanwhile, I have […]

I no longer try to make it a secret that I have wrestled with depression on and off throughout my life — sometimes to the point of (to use a […]