Gratitude, Healing, and Repentance

As Thanksgiving came and went, I ran across the normal increase of internet postings about gratitude, and I heard again that grateful people are happier, more content, etc. This time, […]

"A Few Stripes"?

Before I go on with my thoughts for the day, I would like to point you to a blog that I enjoy reading. These are the thoughts of another LDS […]

Jesus Christ: Forgiveness

I have learned that sometimes repentance feels like an ugly, harsh word. It seems to imply harsh condemnation and excessive punishment from a God who takes delight in making sure […]

How Can You be so Sure?

If you’re asking the question as a guarantee into the future, there truly isn’t any absolute certainty. Everyone has agency. That was part of the reason that King Mosiah in […]

Choosing "That"

In many ways, I have learned that many people perceive my husband as wearing this sign across his forehead. It makes everything easier. If we can sum up everything about […]

Repentance: Hurt and Healing

In October 2014, Elder David A. Bednar of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told a story about his boys when they were young. The point of his […]