I Thought that Wound Had Healed

Sometimes, life just catches us off-guard and blindsides us with the unexpected. It doesn’t even have to be a big event if it hits the right spot — like an […]

Keeping It Simple

I like how Elder Ballard, in his talk “Return and Receive,” makes the distinction between goals and plans, and I also appreciate how he makes the point that when goals […]

Jesus Christ: Forgiveness

I have learned that sometimes repentance feels like an ugly, harsh word. It seems to imply harsh condemnation and excessive punishment from a God who takes delight in making sure […]

Jesus Christ, Son of God

Strangely, as I started to type this post, I began to doubt my ability to express myself! Over the past five years, I have written hundreds of posts: some pretty […]

Jesus Christ, Son of Mary

I will not pretend that I fully understand how Mary conceived our Savior and provided him with a mortal body that could be subject to death. I consider it a […]

Jesus Christ, Messiah

Tracing the history of the word “messiah” takes us back to the Hebrew word for “anointed one.” My understanding of anointing is that a person was anointed when they made […]

Jesus Christ: King of Kings

  For me, this may be one of the titles of Christ that is easiest to forget. Yes, it kind of makes me sad, because it means that I’m missing […]