Thanksgiving in the Rear View

The feast is now leftovers, Black Friday madness has come and gone. Litter lining parade routes has been collected, and we’re gearing up to get back to normal. So, what […]

Random Thoughts and Musings

Happy Labor Day weekend (in the U.S., that is)! Many of my friends and neighbors are taking the weekend to get out of town and have a short vacation. I’m […]

For those who are wondering, this is part of a series of posts: The Religion of Science What is Truth? There are at least five more to come in the […]

What is Truth?

Last week’s post about worshiping religion and this week’s post about the nature of truth are leading up to a series of posts that have been on my heart for […]

Hating Mother's Day

Fine! I’ll admit it! I HATE Mother’s Day! I would be first in line to vote for taking it completely out of the calendar and forgetting we ever had one! […]

UPDATE: Since I first wrote out and edited the post, things have changed again.  All of my visitation with my daughters has been cancelled.  No it’s not exactly legal, and […]

Personal Music Choices

Church leaders have often spoken about the need to have uplifting music in our homes. I have made the switch away from popular radio. As a musician, I really missed […]