I consider myself to be rather conservative in my practice of my faith. My personal motto is pretty much “stand with the prophets.” My personal experiences have convinced […]

Creating God in our Image

In Genesis, the Bible recounts the creation of the earth. In that account, we are told that God created man, male and female, in his image and after his likeness. […]

What is Truth?

Last week’s post about worshiping religion and this week’s post about the nature of truth are leading up to a series of posts that have been on my heart for […]

Obedience Brings Answers

I’m not even going to apologize this week. It’s obvious that my todo list and schedule need an overhaul. Instead, I’m going to be grateful for the delay, because I […]

I no longer try to make it a secret that I have wrestled with depression on and off throughout my life — sometimes to the point of (to use a […]