I must admit that I am glad the holidays are almost over.  I have such mixed feelings when major holidays arrive.  On one hand, I love the change in the […]

Call it what you want, I am simply posting music videos this time.  I have such deep feelings for my Savior, that I find it almost impossible to write them. […]

Mary's Lullaby

  1. Lullaby, lullaby, my little one. Lullaby, my child so dear. Thy precious life has just begun; Thy mother holds thee near. While Joseph watches through the night, A […]

1. Said Samuel, “Within five years A night will be as day, And Baby Jesus will be born In a land far, far away.” Hosanna! Hosanna! Oh, let us gladly […]

When Joseph Went to Bethlehem (When you click the link above to listen, look over on the left-hand side and click “words and music” for a better listening experience.) When […]

Even though I refrained from the “30 Days of Thanksgiving,” the spirit of the holiday did finally catch up to me, and I made one post on Facebook on Thanksgiving […]

Anticipating Thanksgiving

Preparing for Thanksgiving has been difficult for me this year.  I think it’s the stress that I have found myself facing — things that I don’t like that affect my […]

Now that the Election is Over

In some ways, I feel like the entire citizenry of the United States of America breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday morning.  Maybe the leaders we wanted didn’t get elected, […]

Making Peace

Life seems to be filled with cognitive dissonances — those events we experience and choices we make that push us up against two deeply held ideals that are actually in […]

Preparing to Vote

I must admit that I am a fan of early voting.  I tend to keep my todo list stuffed, and early voting gives me the flexibility to vote at a […]